Contact Management Using ApnaCircle

Online Address Book

Your contacts are not just names or numbers feed on your mobile or social network profiles. They are more than opportunities that can make or break a deal or better put – a connection with prospects.

Bring in the possibilities of connecting with new professional contacts from your own city to boost your need for a dream job hunt or partnership ventures, start up discussions & collaborate on matters of common interest and be a part of community driven initiative for a sense of pride & enthusiasm. recommends local contacts from your city who shares the same background & other traits to introduce a brand new way of getting the most from your contacts using a robust & easily manageable unified contact management platform. automatically updates your profile to match other similar profiles from your city who share more or less the same background like yours and thereafter syncs all updates & activities about your local contacts.

Unravel the chances of landing to your dream job with the help of your local contacts on by getting automatically updated about job openings from companies where your local contact works. Your online contact card on allows both personal & professional online cards that could also be downloaded. Furthermore you could also add tags on each contact along & additional references using notes.

ApnaCircle Address Book

Experience these possibilities and much more at All you have to do is complete your profile and update your city to unleash unlimited potentials from a unified contact management platform as well as opportunities to nurture the contacts from your local circle.

ApnaCircle Introduces Institute Pages!

These days “career advancement” is synonymous with “continuing education” whether you are a working professional or someone who is still pursuing the academic necessities. With these dynamic role play in mind, ApnaCircle understands the need to offer Universities, B-Schools, learning facilities & other academic institutions a platform to promote their educational & training programs and thus showcase the latest their institute has to offer.Win Ambrane Tablet!

Here institutes can showcase their programs thus making these pages an ideal bridge for potential students or working professionals who are on the lookout to upgrade their professional profile with new skills to improve their chances for a better career opportunity. This is where the need to look beyond a typical school website and move on to an interface like ApnaCircle Institute Pages.

Professional Training Institutes & universities consistently look to improve their “reach” and with the evolution of social networking, it has given them an ideal platform to communicate with their future and present students as well as their administration & teaching staff.

Every educational institute has three essential prerogatives – aim to increase admissions & fill more seats, build a brand reputation to open new campuses & improve student quality and maintain consistency with relevant & streamline processes. With the implementation of ApnaCircle Institute pages, institutes can lower cost per relevant applications for new admissions vs. leads owing to relevance guarantee wherein institutes can also save on “counselors” that are paid to convince students.

ApnaCircle Institute Pages

ApnaCircle Institute Pages (Click to Enlarge Pic)

ApnaCircle Institute Pages have four tabs to create a mini website for the promotion of the programs and offer a tailor made platform for a targeted professional audience:

  • Overview Tab: Introduce the institute and share news & updates with followers
  • Program Tab: Promoting institute courses, degrees & training programs
  • Discussions Tab: Create social interaction with future students & alumni
  • Carte Blanche Tab: Add personal touch by linking institute website, blog or landing page

To conclude, the integration of ApnaCircle Institute Pages impacts with:

  • Improving the admission application leads with increased brand visibility & audience relevancy
  • Targeted visibility with featured listings by location, course details etc & increase brands recall value
  • Manageability of all applications via a single platform & track student trends to update course offerings

For more information on ApnaCircle Institute Pages, visit

Networking Etiquette

Networking Etiquettes

Online Networking Etiquettes

Your professional persona reflects your etiquette system as you conduct yourself across a professional social networking (PSN) platform. It’s kind of synonymous to the way you expect to conduct yourself during a walk in interview for example, where you are not expected to be in a high-fiving spree. In other words, there are rules of engagement that you must adhere to with your professional networking approach just like you manage your professional best during a job interview.

3 Easy Steps to Win a Tablet

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We attempt to accommodate some thoughts with you to help steer your professional social networking engagement in a manner of certain networking etiquette or “netiquette”.

Introductions with a new contact should always be initiated with a personalized touch, referring to traits that both the contacts have in common, or any references about the last meeting you have had as this usually improves the chances of the other person accepting your request. In case of a denial, just move on and refrain from any act of pursuance or insistence.

Write personalized notes rather than using standard messages while requesting a recommendation, similarly if someone writes to you with a recommendation, thank them first & ensure you offer to write one back as a return favor. However, your offer to write a recommendation back only stands if you think you are capable to assess their work to their satisfaction.

Avoid any mention on your PSN platform that you wouldn’t want your boss or fellow colleagues to see and ensure absolute discretion while looking for a new job. Never spam your contacts with references about your company. However, it is ok to send them relevant event invites but make sure that you don’t cross the line with repeated attempts.

Opinion on a group discussion helps build your professional network and credibility, therefore proof reading anything & everything that goes public is an absolute must. Share information that is interesting & relevant to the group that you are participating with and be respectful about other people’s opinions & thoughts.

Stick to these basic “netiquette” references to go a long way in the level of your engagement across a professional social networking platform and will, in time, speak volumes about your rational, unbiased and balanced professional demeanor.

How to apply for a job opening on ApnaCircle’s jobs section?

Jobs @

How to apply for a job opening on ApnaCircle’s jobs section?

Have been looking for a job since long now … and you just saw the perfect opening on ApnaCircle !!

> All set with a good resume to apply?    ….. Yes….. Great!       

> Cover letter ready? ….. Yes…. Great !

So you just go ahead and apply: ….No!!….   WAIT..

When on a professional network, it is more than just about having a Resume or a Cover letter. It is also about an impressive profile, your knowledge on the industry and an interactive network. It involves connecting with the recruiter, showcasing your skill enriched and informative profile which helps him make you the first choice.

Below is a video which gives you tips and steps on applying for a job on ApnaCircle. Through the video:

1) Know how to impress recruiters

2) Get shortlisted

3) Sort jobs as per your preference/industry/location

4) Get acquainted to the application procedure

5) Connect with the recruiter and become his preferred choice

LATEST: Our Company Pages in beta

ApnaCircle proudly launches its Company Pages in beta. Thousands of companies will be showcased with a special emphasis on employees who are members of the ApnaCircle network.

ApnaCircle Company Pages will enable them to highlight company news, products, services and showcase business and career opportunities to millions of ApnaCircle members. Let us have a quick look at the features:

AC- Co.pg1

You can even share the Company page amongst your network via the share tab which allows you to share on Twitter, Facebook and ApnaCircle.  Once you follow a Company, the green Preferences tab further allows you to see only the information you want to see.

AC- Co.pg2

ApnaCircle helps you manage your company page with ease. One can easily edit & display content, add/remove administrators, attach external websites, also add a welcome messages as you’d like and assign matching keywords to enhance your search results.

AC- Co.pg3

ApnaCircle is the only professional networking service that allows you to indulge in your company page with such exclusivity. Build your company page on ApnaCircle to bring your business to life.

AC- Co.pg4

Discover more about Company Pages here

Job seeking, with

With over 75,000 jobs to choose from, ApnaCircle’s job section is a perfect platform for ‘active’ as well as ‘passive’ job seekers when looking our for an opportunity.

What are Active and Passive job seekers?

Active job seeker: is someone who’s on the lookout for a new job. Active job seekers post their resumes on job boards, search and apply for jobs. Active job seekers also network, attend job fairs and industry events. They contact connections, friends and relatives about potential job opportunities. In addition, job seekers who are actively seeking employment use social networking sites, and apps to expedite their search for a new position.

Passive job seeker: is someone who is currently employed and does not actively seek out and apply to specific positions. However, they are open to hear about new career opportunities. Passive job seekers may keep their resumes and online Profile updated and may engage in casual networking with colleagues or friends at other companies. Passive job seekers may also set up job alerts on job boards and set up accounts on job search websites and social media.

So, whether looking out for a job actively or not, your presence on professional social networks is very important. Setting up appropriate job alerts for yourself is suggested so that when an opportunity strikes (if ever) you do not miss it!

So get going, be the opportunist. Complete your profile, visit the job board and make sure you don’t miss out on a thing:

“Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist: While you guys were arguing about the glass of water, I drank it!!” – The Opportunist

ApnaCircle’s job board has openings in:

Marketing | IT networks | Finance | Human Resource | Training | Engineering | Administration | Quality | Logistics | Tax & Legal | Customer Support & more..

Learn more about creating job alerts here

Steps on applying a job through ApnaCircle here

What is a profile? …. Getting started on ApnaCircle

There are a lot of talks on having an online profile, an impressive one on that. Everyone seems to emphasize and re emphasize the importance it has ! But no one addresses the questions of a beginner, someone who is yet to succumb to the social media order.

Let us try and get hold of some FAQ’s for a beginner:

N0 - 1st

What is a professional profile ?

Your profile is an online sketch of who you are, what you do, what your business is, what you have to offer and your skills.  In            the online world, you are in complete control over what others see on your profile. A detailed and active profile makes you discoverable through the millions of searches on search engines. The more you promote yourself, the more opportunities you will have on ApnaCircle. In addition, a detailed profile ensures you can be quickly and easily found, identified and contacted.


N0 - 2nd

Why is it important and why does one need to connect with people and create  a network?

A network gives you the opportunity to “warm up” to people so that when you meet them, they are more likely to refer potential opportunities or business to you. Networking and word of mouth marketing is the NUMBER 1 source of opportunity or revenue for anybody. It’s much easier to find the right people, right jobs, investors, suppliers, partners, and everyone and everything you need on an online network. It saves you days of searching through job portals, google, yellow pages, etc. and it is a much better guarantee of quality. The more people you know, the more career and business opportunities you’ll discover. Hence, a bigger and stronger network is highly recommended.

N0 - 3rd

Once a network is created how does one maintain it ?

Create and maintain a positive reputation and make sure you keep a balance between personal and professional profiles.  Actively participate and be present on popular platforms, this keeps people aware of the fact that you exist. Interact regularly with your connections because after all; a lot of your image comes from what other people have to say about you. It is always wise to build your connections way before you need them.

It isn’t an evolution, simple easy things you need to know. The idea is not to force yourself in it, but realize and understand the importance and involve yourself in discussions that interest and benefit you.

Visit our FAQ’s section which gives you all answers at once:

We are sure after you visit the section, social professional networking shall no longer be alien !

> we shall be back with videos on profile creation, adding & managing your network & more..

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